What are the advantages of the film cutting machine for the mobile phone industry?

As we all know, relying on China’s huge mobile phone market, film cutting machines have been favored and loved by many film merchants and mobile phone chain stores since its birth. Because the film cutting machine can not only help store marketing activities, but also improve the quality of service and increase store turnover, which can be described as multi-tasking. Therefore, offline stores of many well-known mobile phone brands in China have begun to adopt film cutting machines. However, in the face of the mixed film cutting machine manufacturers on the market, many of my friends don’t know how to choose. So how to choose a film cutting machine? The following Pechant editor will introduce you:

Selection guide for film cutting machine:

1. Look at the type

At present, the film cutting machines on the market are generally divided into two types: laser cutting film machine and blade cutting film machine. At present, most of the film cutting machines are blade cutting machines, which directly use the cutter head to cut, neither smoke nor gas is generated when cutting the film, and the mute effect is also first-class. In addition, the blade film cutting machine is more compact and convenient in volume than the laser film cutting machine.

2. Easy to operate and quick to get started

In terms of the convenience of film cutting, the operation of film cutting machines of different brands is quite different. The operation of some film cutting machines is too complicated. It is still confusing to read a manual. Most of the operations require manual assistance and cannot be called automation at all. What’s more, just training how to use the equipment requires a lot of effort. Days. Therefore, “easy operation and quick start” is a necessary quality for an excellent film cutting machine. Not only does it require no long-term training, but it is also extremely simple in operation. Take the popular warp and weft film cutting machine on the market, it can be easily done in just three steps. Even a person who does not understand the film cutting machine can quickly get started in just a few minutes.

3. The new models are all new and fast

In today’s era, the replacement speed of mobile phones is like a tornado, coming fast. Today it is Liu Haiping, and tomorrow it will become a water drop screen. Therefore, whether the mobile phone film can be updated in time to meet the needs of the majority of users has become a point where all film cutting machine merchants are struggling to compete. All models are not good enough, and the background data update speed is fast. Only if you are ahead of other peers, you have the opportunity to grab more customers and markets. In terms of the speed of model update, the latitude and longitude thread cutting machine can be said to be very well done in the industry, which can help stores quickly launch new products and seize the market. Moreover, it currently covers 5000+ mobile phone models, both new and old models at home and abroad, and mainstream unpopular models, which largely meets the needs of different users. All types of film products, whether it is front film or back film, can attract consumers from all walks of life and increase store sales.

The content introduced above is some of the aspects that we should consider when choosing a film cutting machine. Of course, in addition to the above aspects, it is also necessary for the after-sales service, film varieties, appearance, cost and profit of the film cutting machine brand. considerate. As long as we comprehensively consider the above aspects, we can help you choose a film cutting machine with a high price.

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